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Can't open the game.

Aiastesi 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 3

Trying to open the game will cause the game to load normally and update. However, on the Loading screen, it will always redownload the textures. All of them. EVERY TIME. For some reason, doing this takes several minutes and never finishes, rebounding between 40 and 60 percent down the bar. After a while, a No connection to server error pops up, and clicking Restart brings a black screen. A screenshot isn't needed nor is a video because you're perfectly capable of imagining what a black screen and a rebounding bar look like.

EDIT: Now it is loading but (checking through output_log.txt) after five texture downloads the bar hits ~95% and stalls JUST LIKE IT DOES ON TANKI ONLINE. I'm honestly wondering whether or not they just copied what is essentially the source code of TO into another platform.


Have you extracted the game archive into a folder before launching the game?