No Connection to Server (Game Log Included)

beaku 3 years ago • updated by Concodroid 3 years ago 2

Can't Log in due to this issue.

http://pastebin.com/esehs93p (Game Log)

First- open the TX folder, click your desired setting, and run.

Move your mouse around a lot, until you see "no connection to server"

Click quit, and from the TX folder that you had kept open run it again. Each time you run it, the loading bar will go further.

Soon you will be in the game, so join a random battle. It most likely will say "no connection to server". Then repeat, (close Tanki X and run again). Then you will be able to join a battle. It works on my computer- and I don't even have a graphics card. Best of luck! May the Force be with you!

Comment down below if it worked.