Not a bug

Unable to join battles

Gunnerskale_777 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 years ago 45

I cannot join any battles, as soon as I click the 'PLAY' button it just grey and I can't click it. I was however able to join battles earlier...

I have the same problem as you...

same here

Hmmm haven't heard of this problem....so you can't join any battles at all?!

I have the same problem as well

mmmm... can you describe what happens?

same here can,t join battle press to go in battle and just won,t go in

ah ok... so no one battle??

There are other players in the batlles but we just cant enter to play with them (and the batlles were not full of tankers)

ok confirmed! maybe it's just cause new server restriction ? about 50 player concurrently.

Did You try Spectator Mode?

Spec works, but playing won't work

yes thats too don,t work

mmm ok...tnx.

i dont know but they need to fix it, they are sending us the permition to play and we are seated in fornt of ower computer loking at the garage.

maybe just a temporary problem... due to some upgrades.. or as i suppose before, new server limit capacity.. but i'm not really sure.. let's wait devs!

i sent a message on facebook to the tanki x devs and they told me to reboot my computer

Maby we should try

Да, такая же проблема

i just rebooted my computer and it still did not work.

i will send them another message

ok ) tnx, seems like after last update of games, somethings went wrong!

check near 40 sec ... 1 server = 50 players

Probably the servers are full, just like you said

mmm ya so strange.. but i cannot explain or investigate...more then this...

or maybe i can try a cross check.. wait..

But it's a bit weird, they know that they have more that 50 players that have acces to the game, they should have planed the server expansion sooner

ya ya... infact it seems... a bug or we... are simply blocked.. maybe to grant access to new player or... what else ?

😃 take care so! I^m out for dinmer time!

Bye then, see u in the batlle field

the problem still exists...

i have problem can't join any battles -__- plz help

How to fix the problem can't join any battle

The devs are still working on that.

It's probably a server problem.

I just talk to the devs and they say thats a problem of the server because it can not support to manny players, but they told me that this problem will be fixed very soon.


dear moustafa check my post i hope you stop using hack and disturb battles!

any other that have this issue?

me too. I cant join battles. Problem caused in latest update only.

this problem started after last update.

some fixes are out! try it!

Now i can play

Its fixed :D

Not a bug

ihave the same problem i press play the screen greys a while then nothing . and the battles i cant join any of them ,all of them have more player s number then the battles player limit and i down loaded the game a week ago

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