INVISIBLE TANK / Some Players are invisible on my Screen! / BUG

xanax123 3 years ago • updated by Ace_of_Sp4des 3 years ago 10

Take a look at the video there is a thunder is invisible.....Please correct this fatser!

(Take a look to that ricochet.. seems he can see him.. but not me.. for me it's completely a ghost)

One More Time this happens, this time on Silence and i discovered where the "invisible" was, like i just suppose it's invisible on my client and he was stucked on one place... but now i have the prove it was sometings on my client... or bad information sended to my client from tx server... below 2 video.

(i enter a battle and i was only me and myself, after few minutes someone join, but it suprised me infact i can't see that he join my battle)

(At last i take a prove so i exit and renter that battle, and now i can see him :O)

This happened to me too. Often.

same here and people dont belive me

This happens to me in every like once in every 4 battles.

This happened to me in a battle. I couldn't see that tank even after the match was over.

I keep running into invisible tanks that end up killing me. Also, I seem to appear to be invisible to some players. This makes the game very difficult to play properly.

What are you trying to show us? This doesn't seem to show anything related to the topic. Also, press PrtScn to take a screenshot. You can then paste it here. Taking pictures with a camera makes it harder to see the screen and a bit annoying as well.