Unable to setup my email on the help page

Icee_Paladin 3 years ago • updated by DamnSlow 3 years ago 7

I've been trying to setup my email by clicking "setup new email" on this help page to qualify for the quest, but It keeps redirecting me to the personal Bio page. I first thought it was something that had to be done first, but it never saves when I add a bio, and then it shows the email page for a second, then redirects back. Please help! I really want the rewards for helping out.


Thank you for reporting, however, the issue is known and we are working on fixing it.

How soon do you expect this to be fixed? I'd hate to not get any of the beta quest rewards with all the time I've been spending testing.

P.S. I'd like to apologize for not being very active lately. We just moved, and the computer I play Tanki X on is still down.

To recieve the beta quest rewards, you have to link the email with your game account only.

Forum and Helpsite account are optional.

look at my comment on this thread, it explains how get around this problem


I have it too, I've tried to verify it a lot of times, half of the time it doesn't even send the email.