the game won't complete the loading

Houssam_tanker 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 4

I recently got tank x. first I logged in and everything then it started loading took more than 1 hour and didn't finish. now everytime I enter the game it downlowds till almost the end and stay there. I tried to get that clint thing for windows AGAIN and the same happend. nowdays when it gets to tat point I get the screen where I have 2 bottons: restart or quit . give me a solution please

PS: I tryed to start the game with lower grafics and it didn't comlete loading too

there's no solution given by the devs or mods yet. unfourtantely


The issue is known.

Please consult this article in regards to your problem and possible other issues:


Please make sure to send us the game logs.

Also screenshots or videos would help us understand the nature of the bug.