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Silence Map / LOD Projectile Collision / Shoot From Bridge

xanax123 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 5

Shooting closed to the bridge on silence map.. it's impossible with mammoth.. but turret seems have free range space... Bug LOD


Can you please elaborate the issue in more details, please?

Sure! Take a mammoth or maybe another tank, take smoky turret and go close to bridge edge and shoot! Stay like the image, when you shoot you will ntice that projectile don't pass between the bridge pilar, but if you stay on middle of the bridge everythings works! I will try to make a video..

(more info)

if i stay far from bridge pilars all works good , take a look. As we can see projectile trace is visible so you can hit the across the bridge!

But if you stay close to the bridges pilars no trace is visible so bullet it's stopped before hit the wall !! Only on this angular position perpendicular between bridges pilars and gun smoky.