loading bug

paultankix 3 years ago 0

the game donsnt load it sucks at 99% and than not load i wait for 2 to 3 hours and than see my computer and than tanki x have a message saying GAME HAS CHASED or TANKI X NOT RESPONING pls help me if you got idea post in this topic and before i wrap up this topic i want to tell you that tanki x finally give me an invite code and i got super exited and than i open the game it load for upraded and it took about a day and i open the game the next day and it super fast and i super exited than i put the invite code and create a account and than it load forever and its till not coming i have deleted the game and download it again sill not coming pls help me . time to wrap this topic if you have any ideas post down below bye i have wrap this topic .