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invisible wall and ramp

themask321 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 4

Hey there!

I was playing sandbox CTF and on grass when I tried to go forward there was like a invisible wall which didn't let me go forward and a ramp which suddenly made me go ascending and eventually flip. and also like a a jump bug which other players have reported of, I jumped automatically where no tank was spawining and nothing was there and I was jumping like horribly flipped.

also interesting thing, not a bug but it was 15min match and till first 7-10 min nothing was there normal gameplay was going on and then 5 goldboxes fell in last 6-8 minutes in proper intervals.

5 GOLDBOXES I was like Oh man! what is this :P


TankiX is still in its beta testing stage, and the developers are working hard in order to fix these lags, bugs and glitches.

About those gold boxes, it's normal - not a hack. As TankiX's economy is bigger than Tanki Online's, then more gold boxes are dropped.

Yes I know that its in beta stage so just wanted to tell them the bug. I am okay with it till other players also experience this :P

Yes their economy is bigger and that's cool basically xD

This is very true, It mostly happens in Rio, Every single ramp I reach. I somehow flip, jump, glitch. its like an invisible wall that's preventing me from passing.