Repair Kit on Kunger

CJGuitar 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 18

Here is a bug on Kunger. It only happens there on Kunger

A. Is anyone else seeing it submerged?

B. It's spelt Kungur.

A. I think so. When someone drives thought it, the pisces fly up like the been shot out of a slingshot

B. I am bad at spelling in English so you can know that I I will misspell something in Russiun

I am bringing this back, this is still an issue, as you can see in the screenshot below:

It would nice if this was fixed.

Yeah same with damage box, one day it actually landed! :D

Really? You should put a screenshot of that here too. (If it still happens)

I don't have a screen shot or recording, but when I was spectating I found the double damage box *under* the bridge. It was in the ditch and didn't go through the ground, but it had to have gone through the bridge at one point.

I looked at where it is, it does not fall on top of the bridge, it falls in front of the bridge, and shouldn't land in the ditch...

Yeah thats the other thing

You're right. I wish I remembered to take a screen shot but I didn't. For that match the DD box was falling on the bridge though. When I was looking at it (under the bridge.) The match ended and I stayed to see if it would happen again, it landed ontop of the bridge I'm 100% certain. I've been trying to see it happen again but it has only landed on the railway

I will see if I could help with then too, and attempt to get a screenshot.

Easy, go there any time of day, its always there unless you are lucky it doesn't ;)

I have only seen it happen once, and that was during the cbt, but haven't seen it since.


After hours, it finally happened. I got two screenshots.

As you can see, the drop zone moved over to the bridge instead of next to it, it kept landing on it until it finally went through the bridge.


Nice perseverance! I'm glad I don't need to search for it anymore ;) lol

And this one too...