TankiX Lag

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__If you jump into a new game with zero to one players you see how this game is supposed to work. It is pretty fast and smooth. You could anticipate and aim and fire like you should be able to, but once you get a few people it is no fun. The lag is intolerable, it is jerky, you can not properly aim, I am dead before I can fire. I consider myself to be a wee bit better than an amateur player, it is not because I suck so bad, it is LAG. Frames are skipped and things jump all around, this is not what I ever pay for.

__I also believe I see where all the folks in Russia do really well. I suspect the servers are in Russia and the time it takes for my game to go back and forth is probably the issue. No matter I will not be dropping any money till all these lag issues are fixed. I would implore the TANKIX developers to use a computer with speeds the normal person has, I am SURE you will quickly see what I mean.

__If I may add, the "white noise" in the background needs to just go away. There is a MUSIC volumn slide but I here nothing from that. I use Twins and the sounds when it fires is really weak and I have volumn on 100% . All the turret noises need BIG improvements. That is one thing I totally expected to hear in (AWSOME SOUND EFFECTS ) w/ Tanki X but it is a really big let down. Couple that w/ the lag and I am seriously depressed, this could be so much better. I just went to www.speedtest.net and got = 9ms Ping / 21.80Mbps Download / 1.13 Upload . Los Angeles California USA.

__Additionally I have found no way to go to my Garage during the game. That needs to be fixed. Also the time you get w/ Supply Speed Boost is soooo short! I am going to buy supplies, I want supplies that work longer than that!

__PS, look up my account, look at the money I spent. I will not be spending like that till things are fixed. Please understand I am NOT being mean or jumping your chit, I am just giving the best input I can. Tanki is fun, it could be soooooo much better.

__PSS, I so thought we would see new and better maps, yes I see some improvements but nothing like a new map to spice things up at least 4 times a year.



"Couple that w/ the lag and I am seriously depressed"

Wow. What the actual fµck.

NEVER use the term "depressed" in replacement of disappointed.

Anyways, the lag isn't Tanki's fault. The only server available has a remarkable 50 player max and therefore has very little traffic if any.

The sound? Turn up your own volume or the in-game volume.

"no way to go to my Garage during the game." This isn't a new feature, but rather implementation of an old one.

"the money I spent" You can't buy anything yet, buddy.

"new and better maps" Are you kidding me? THIS IS CBT, AND THERE ARE 5 MAPS TO AVAIL RIGHT NOW. "at least 4 times a year" -_-"

The SERVER (no plural) is in Europe.

All 3 main supplies have taken a 1/3 cut. They are all 30 seconds (again, implementation of an old feature), as well as summoned supplies (new).

"won't drop any money" Line 7

I also have the same issue, i was gonna post a thread about it before i saw this one, my brother tried on first time and i saw how laggy the game was and how he could barely move and shoot, He keep getting spawnkilled