very big consumption of pc sources

evanjohny 3 years ago • updated by Aiastesi 3 years ago 1

as i have recently noticed when i play the game and open another program or file the games becomes so laggy and the whole computer bugs and lags very much , i assume that the game requires the full power of graphics and cpu and that's not good as for example when someone wants to hear a song , the game lags for about 30secs to 1 minutes and the other program or file that you opened is laggy too , so i would suggest hat you lower the pc sources the game consumes as they are pretty much and when i press exit to close the game ,my pc lags for about 1-2 miues minimum and that's pretty annoying.i think the game is far too heavy and it needs to minimize the pc source concumption in the near future

"the whole computer bugs" How exactly does a computer bug?

"requires the full power of graphics and cpu" That's your problem, not Tanki's.

"lower the pc sources the game consumes" They're pretty low, to be honest.