StealthMasterX 3 years ago • updated by akalii 2 years ago 15

They should make it rain and lightning to make it more intense.

Yes good idea!

That sounds good!


I guess the developers are planning to do this. Please keep patient, TankiX is still in its beta testing stage and the game is not done yet. The developers are doing their best to make this a perfect game.

I know, but it is only a idea.

Yep, and a good idea indeed.

hi my name is moises, I can not play, loads, loads, and appears ERROR. without connection to the server.


Try to login later, Maybe the server was down at that time. You can also close Tanki X and reopen it again.

Please make a topic for every question you ask. No need to post in a topic with different discussion.


Rain, lightning, and snow could be very resource-demanding.

Surely, there would be the possibility to disable or reduce weather gfx in lower graphics settings or at all via the settings.

nice! agree!

(maybe some more effect like HDR - BLUR etc...)

Is it already in dev? I'll play this game again after a few months, I want to know what is changed in that time ;-)

The developers have already planned about this idea but currently they are busy with the matchmaking system, also before implementing these new map themes they will have to make them supported by low end devices.