Update Error

swiftbillyle 3 years ago • updated 2 years ago 9

I have been updating the game since last times but none of them updates; The update bar goes till end smoothly but at the end it stops and then even after hours wait it doesn't update or move. This error is not only on my 1 PC but also on my another PC. Please help me with this problem very soon because it is making me to leave Tanki X. The following screenshots are of my both PC's:

Try closing all of the tabs. Did you try reinstalling the client?

What do you mean by "client"?

The client is the program where you download TankiX. You can reinstall it from here: http://static.tankix.com/tankixprod_StandaloneWindows.html.


He meant reinstall the game.

I've had this problem as well. Along with the fact that I can't see what percent has downloaded. That's annoying!

That I had done even before but reinstalling the game doesn't helped me because the game could not download fully. I mean that sometimes the downloaded file was of 1 MB, 2 MB or few KB's.

I am also facing the same problem since the day frontier container was added.
I deleted everything and reinstalled the still the same problem.


Just give it sometime.

how much time?
I gave hours and reinstalled many times.
You should say wait some days.

Run the game as administrator.