​Question on the requirments to qualify for quest rewards

X-27 3 years ago • updated by Artcore 3 years ago 4

One of the requirements to qualify to get the beta tester rewards as part of the quest when the game goes live is to "spend 1 hour in any battle." I'm sure many of us have easily spent by far more than 1 hour playing, but I for one have not spent 1 hour in a single battle, as all the battles with players in them have 15-30 minute time limits. I'm thinking about joining an hour long battle and just sitting there while nothing happens, but that just seems silly. Can this requirement be changed to a certain amount of total time spent playing? Or should I just sit in an empty hour long battle, waiting for the timer to run down, just so I will have "spent an hour in any battle?"


The time you played in battles adds up, so if you've played many 15 minute battles, you've completed the requirement of playing for an hour.

Thanks, I was also wondering that.