Lost points just by entering a finished battle.

Almighty-Tank-GOD 2 weeks ago • updated 2 weeks ago 5

I lost points just by entering an ongoing CTF battle that had timer countdown for flags being captured completely by enemy team (0 - 7). I had not a single chance to even move the tank. Has there been a change for losing points in already finished battles that players enter ? Why did I lose points from 9744 to 9660 (dropped from 22 position to 24 position), just by entering a Zero chance of time to even move a tank ?
Can you give me back my points ? This is insanely unfair, I demand justice, please.


It should have triggered "Joined in the heat of battle" scenario.
I'll ask someone with more info on this.

I was in shock, I completely forgot to even snap a picture or even get a game log

How many minutes were remaining when you joined the battle?
Because if you joined in the first 3 minutes, then it is okay.

Hmm, may be 3 mins or more I think. Not even sure. But please, if something can be done then you can go ahead and do it BUT if nothing can be done then just leave it. It's all good because I don't want to sound rude and over reacting. Or impose unnecessary orders that might hinder or waste time. :-(

If next time it happens which I hope it doesn't I will try to keep calm and quickly take precautions to provide evidence. Sorry for the outburst.  Thanks so much for the attention ! ^_^