Explosive Mass Malfunction and Blueprints

POINT.BLANK 3 months ago • updated by Geisterfahrer 2 months ago 1

Every time that I have entered a battle for the last few days, my Explosive Mass Module has been activating itself without me telling it to and even though it is activated by itself, it doesn't do anything! No explosion! I enter a battle, module activates, and does nothing! Also on Friday I opened my Silver League Blueprints that i get every end of the season, but I was searching for a battle when I opened it. The match began as soon I opened the blueprints and when I got back from the match I did not receive any of my blueprints! And because of that my tank doesn't have any better artillery! If you guys can fix the bugs and return the blueprint containers from the previous season that never worked that would be great.  

I think I already know what you're talking about.

Were talking about the cooldown of explosive mass when a player joins the battle during the warm up.
The cooldown is reset after the end of the warm up. I think they changed this so you're not able to use explosive mass that often.