The game removes 1 module from my turret slot and don't let me equip it again.

Italian_style 3 weeks ago • updated 5 days ago 4

Pretty annoying bug, sometimes the game decides to remove a module from my turret slot without any reason. Then i try to equip it again but visually doesn't work ('cause if i enter in a battle after doing that the module is there). Here is a short video about it: https://imgur.com/rCyxxnH


Did it happen just once?
And was it just before the battle loads?

1. No, it happens rarely, but it happens. 2. No, it happens when i scroll my combos in the garage (not always) also.

Hi there Italian_Style i confirm the same issue during the battle i have a blank module maybe is the same connected issue...

I explain what i do before enter the game i was quickly changing a modules in the garage and then the battle start when i entered the game this was the situation the 3dr module was blank but i'm sure i had a module! infact i leave the game and i see that module on the garage module interface.

Unfortunatly i had only ingame screenshot.

Yeah i do the same thing, but i noticed that the bug happens when i scroll my combos in the garage also (not always)