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Problem with zooming in and out

benna90 4 months ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 3 months ago 3

I'm always stuck in one camera position in a battle, and i can't zoom in and out, cause it won't work. I've tried to change the buttons, and even use the mouse. With the mouse it zooms out while i scroll, but when i stop it "automaticlly" zooms back in again, and with the keys it does nothing. Anyone know how to fix it in anyway? Thanks

Hm for now i'm going to tell you that the keys working for the camera are: Q and E, PAG up and PAG down, and eventually the mouse wheel.

I'll do some tests and check the settings to see if i can help you.

Yeah that's the keys that i had from the beginning, i tried to change them to see if that worked, but nope. 

Thanks for the reply btw.

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Try resetting the controls.
I'll look for another possible solution.