Game not starting since TX anniversary (original non-steam client)

Moorland 1 week ago • updated by Aogiri 5 days ago 8

From the day of the Anniversary, my game doesn't open. I launch the game and it goes to this update screen, and then it says it's going to restart but it doesn't. The window closes and TankiX doesn't relaunch. This happens every time I open the client. I tried clearing cache. That didn't work.

Update: 0% to 100%


Run as administrator.

Thank you for replying. Unfortunately, that didn't fix my problem


In that case, please provide the game log.

Here is the link to my game logs: https://pastebin.com/SvERd148

my problem is fixed. i reinstalled the game and it works now

Good! I have reinstalled it multiple times and still nothing 

same here, it doesn't fix it