Spider-mine unintentionally extremely OP

techy 5 months ago • updated by Black_Wolf_and_Jenna 4 months ago 1

Currently, in game, the Spider-mine deals insane damage and is enough to ONE-SHOT light hulls.

But as stated in the Wiki it is only supposed to deal 720-900 damage at max level (10). 

I'm not sure where the 2x difference in dmg came from, but for a fast moving and following mine, that is literally invisible until it is too late, not to mention splash damage, having the ability to ONE-SHOT Wasp and Hornet is unreal. 

Spider-mine requires immediate nerf especially in the Damage but also in the activation time.

The english wiki is not updated

however i found out that even the russian wiki is lacking some of the latest info, it's not unintentionally OP, it's intentionally OP