New game modes for Tanki X!

O.S.A.N 3 months ago • updated by Moorland 2 months ago 1

Those are a handful ideas for game modes that should be implemented to make players more satisfied about the game in which i came up with:

+ Co-op mode: Players join a team to face another team comprised of bots only (bots will be using AI), the rewards for the battle will be lower compared to the other modes.

+ Random mode: Players join a random battle with random maps, random battle mode (ctf, tdm, dm, etc...) prizes for the battle will be normal compared to other modes.

+ Ranked mode: Is currently the mode that all players are familiarized with, but with more changes & updates, this time it'll have more restrictions in terms of hulls, turrets, modules & parameters, players join a battle with a predefined team composition (1 isida, 1 smoky, 2 thunders, etc...) same thing goes for the other team with the same team composition, the rewards for this battle will be higher compared to other modes.

+ Clan mode: This one's available for in-game clans, yes you read that right (an in-game clan system should be implemented as well, I'll talk about it in another dedicated topic), clans face each other in matches with the same restriction imposed in the ranked mode, except this time the rewards will be even higher than the ranked mode, this mode is available on a seasonal aspect like every two months a season is launched and players can play this mode on a specific days of the week (Saturday & Sunday for example) for a limited period of time, the clans that manage to get on top of the ladder get big prizes (TOP 10 clans) other clans that took part in the season will receive rewards as well but will be low. (Saturday & Sunday for example)

A few notes about these modes, the maximum waiting time for a co-op battle is merely 30 seconds max, the maximum waiting time for a random battle is 1 minute max, the maximum waiting time for a ranked mode battle is 5 minutes max & the maximum waiting time for a clan battle is unlimited. 

If you have any additional ideas that you might want to add up to the current ones please do, your feedback is welcome.

Would love clan mode. And clan tournaments and clan ranking. It would be awesome