Game crashes at initialization after changing turret

xemmer 5 months ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 5 months ago 2

Hi Tanki X

I'm facing a very strange error today. i changed my turret to smoky (defender) in the garage along with hornet XT. when i try to join a battle everything loads until the initialization. then the game crashes. 

i am able to join with other turrets

i have reïnstalled TX but that doesn't fix it

can you determine whats wrong?

kind regards 


please fix also the bug in  'silence'. when you shoot with railgun into the water bassin a strange rectangle appears

it seems that the error only appears when wearing the defender skin

before i updated yesterday everythin was fine


For the crash, please share the game log.
And for the bug, please provide a screenshot so I will better understand it.