shows no conection when it has!

selzarwolf 6 months ago • updated by doubled4dv 5 months ago 2

I have connection...

I enter the game...

then it downloads 64 mb. when it gets to 4/64 mb, it suddenly says "NO CONECTION TO SERVER"!

and by the top it says " !ERROR ". and by bottom it says "REPORT"  "RESTART"  "QUIT".

for already 1.5 years I'm trying when it has connection to play! But every time the same thing!!!

and I love TankiX and TankiOnline… but TankiX isn't working!!! plz fix it! maybe I'm in Israel and it doesn't work in my country! but even if its that reason - fix it! Plz! I tried everything! help me

plz admin.

from "selzarwolf" (Eli) 

thankyou for reading this(: 

Are you using Mac OS?
ALso please provide the output_log.txt file.

same problem and im from israel  it stop working 1 month ago after the update (the fire\freeze got nerfed)

not using mac

ive lost my promo code...