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Gold Box symbol should be made more visible.

shashank2102x 3 years ago updated by SHOAIB 2 years ago 15

I have missed couple of gold boxes in the past few weeks. By i missed it i mean i did not even know that it was coming, because of the tiny announcement. For example today when i was in sniper mode on shat and when i pointed it near my flag, I saw the gold drop and i just felt how come i missed it. I miss it especially when i play without sound but i think something had to be done to make it stand out.


Lucky you, mine won't play sound at all.

I guess that the developers are aware of this and will update the Gold box notifications. Good idea.

Well it is in CBT stage so they mite fix it if when the OBT or the real game comes out.

(And still there lots of gold boxes are being droped so keep your eye to the sky and be lucky.)

(Massacre is a good map to find gold boxes.)

And the paint should be changed to orange

Yeah i agree because i get it confused with the speed boost symbol with the same yellow color

I think it's ok how it is...

Especially the sound alert could also last a bit longer.

The Gold Box drop zone is very difficult to see unless you know where to look. Usually I don't know where the gold will drop until it actually drops. It would be nice if the drop zone was more vivid.

yep I agree I always get confused with the speed boost symbol

I like it like this, difficult to find.

Also, the visual "Gold Box" warning doesn't appear if you've made a kill-streak at that exact time. The other day I got a kill-streak, heard gold box sound, but no visual. It seems like the Gold Box visual doesn't override the kill-streak, or it's that both of them came at the same time and as a result I didn't see the visual part of it.