Battle freezes at the initialization phase

gorcsevivanx 6 months ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 5 months ago 4

After the today update I could play a few (Repin/Iran/Silence) battles. Then at the next battle the battle "Initialization..." screen got frozen. The pic. of the map is there, and the program regularly changes the hints above the "initialization" text.

Now it is stuck at a Rio battle, previously I got frozen initialization one at Silence, one at (idk). At the first I just restarted the game. Same result - I restarted the computer. I could play one battle , and now at the next I got stuck again.
And of course now I am in the 'deserter league' :-/

Oops. It is strange. Having got frozen I left the game untouched. It seems I was in the battle in some way, because while I was writing the post the battle ended up. I went back to the game and I saw the battle ending screens. What is more, I got +10 reputation points for nothing.


Is it still happening?


Hi, last two days I did not experience this error again. My only problem is a bit higher rate of lag after the update. Before that I had lag sometimes, but not that frequently.

Thanks for taking care of us.