tanki x features

2an 9 months ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 8 months ago 1

tanki x consoles would be amazing. please when you do add tanki x, allow keyboard and mouse use on a console with tanki x like fortnite. please advertise this game so you get more customers, more gamers.ADVERTISE this game to make it famous.


- another feature i want in tanki x is to be able to add stickers to my tanks, this would make my tank look so cool

- please add birds flying on the sky to make the game look cool

- add a feature in which we can choose how close or how far we want our camera to be from our tank

- add day time, so if we are in a very long battle ( 1 hour battle) the battle could change from day time to night time during the battle

- add different weathers, such as storm and raining on specific maps

- add a snow map