Multiple Bugs that I've found.

Geisterfahrer 10 months ago updated by SHOAIB 9 months ago 3

first of all, there are some bugs that I'm sure that they shouldn't be there and some I am not sure about.

First Bug: You can shoot through walls again, I don't have a screenshot or video, but I was able to shoot through walls in an small angle with firebird smoky...

Second Bug:  

Third Bug: I can't can't shoot through gaps, or near solid objects with shaft.
With gaps I mean stairs on Rio, the bridge in Kungur , Pipes and Bridges on West Prime, and Walls on Repin...

I can shoot through them with any weapon except shaft...

Fourth Bug: I often get kicked out of Tanki when I want to join a battle with a squad. It's really rare when I'm alone, but more often in a squad.

One more thing: You should try to update the forum login, I changed my name twice and I can still write Messages with my old Nick...

It has been fixed.


Some are already in discussion.