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Invisibility has no cool down countdown

OzCo 7 months ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 6 months ago 11

All modules have a countdown for the cool down period except for invisibility. (at least this is the way it is in MacOSX)

It should be like other modules showing a countdown.

invisibility is one of the modules that have multiple charges, therefore you can use it  twice in a row, once the 2nd charge expired you will see the countdown. You can.always check it in the garage

Ok, so did you look at the video?  It shows I am not invisible, and the invisibility is greyed out!  How do you explain that?  It happens after respawning. Watch the video and then comment.

That is why this is a bug.  After the second charge has expired there is no countdown!!!!


Maybe this is just an issue with the Mac client.

I would like to provide a screen shot, but for now the Mac client is not working with an "unexpected error" (which happens 2-3 times a month and mac players can not play for 3-4 days each time until someone notices and finally gets around to fixing it).

You will see in this video the invisibility countdown stops working after you respawn.

This is in the Mac OS client, not sure if it is the same for winders

You will see on the video countdown clock for invisibility is not showing after a re-spawn. Can someone test this on windows OS, and let us know if it is the same problem.  Or just a Mac OS issue.  Thanks

Can a moderator confirm you have seen this video and register it as an issue.


It's there, it's just "invisible".  

LOL!  It sure is more invisible than invisibility on a tank in the game!!!  It would be good for the developers to make it more invisible, not show turbo flames or your tracks on the ground!!

Not to mention the flag shows when running it in CTF.  LOL!!!

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It also happens with Mines, but if you let both mines fully charged and then deploy both of them, the cooldown timer appears. But it is not the case with invisibility module, even if you let both slots fully recharged and then use the invisibility module twice in a row, the cool down timer still doesn't appear (except for the first time you do that after entering a battle).

Thanks for looking into this.  It is very frustrating not seeing the countdown and knowing when the module can be used.  Again, not sure if this is just a Mac client issue or it also happens to windows?