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Turret stalls in one place, everytime i enter a game.

shashank2102x 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 10

In this bug each time i enter a game (only in the beginning) my turret gets stuck in one place, and if my tank turns, my turret stays pointing in that direction and does not turn with it (just like how vulcan does in TO when you shot). I have to always rotate the turret to resolve this, i don't know if it is only me, but it is a very annoying bug. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but it does not help. please fix ASAP.

You're stuck in mouse controls

No, it was not my mouse controls either. I checked and they work fine. Even if i do not touch the mouse it gets stuck and i have to rotate the turret to centre (press c or use mouse controls) to get it back. Thx for replying though.

yes i confirm that is strange!


Can you record a video of the issue, please?


I will record and send a video about this in the weekend. I will upload it on YouTube and put the link in.

Here are the the videos:

These show how the turret is stuck in one place and i have to press z, x or c keys to make it function properly.

I tried it on different maps, modes, turrets and hulls but the problem remains the same.

I use mouse controls but I usually can turn my turret. After getting frozen, my tank's turret lost the ability to turn. When I moved my mouse, the camera swung around, but the turret didn't. (Pressing Z, X, and C didn't work for me.) The glitch was fixed when I changed my turret, though.

Just to be clear, moving the mouse does nothing, corect?

Moving the mouse should turn your turret...