More realistic ideas for maps in Tanki x.

RISHAV 10 months ago • updated 9 months ago 2

I think this idea will just blow off every Tanki X fan's mind!How about adding a new feature to the game that is weather change in the maps.Like, i am playing on Kungur and it is raining at that time.Then also you can remove the araabian night map and add the feature of day time changing to each map.Like on when I played a battle, it was day.In the next battle it can be evening or night.I would like to see this feature implemented in the game.Tanki X is my favourite game and want it to be even cooler than before.Like in this image it is evening in Kungur.


Sounds cool, do post this idea here.

Thanks and i only see a page filled with text i cant understand after clicking on the link.