Tanki X User Experience Improvement, a PART of the solution to make the game more enjoyable!

O.S.A.N 1 year ago • updated by CaptainMaxwell7 10 months ago 1

This idea will make the game more enjoyable to player, and will make the communication between players more practical and fun. It is imperative that these features should get implemented in the game in order to achieve a certain level of Players satisfaction even if it's limited. Without further ado, here's my idea:

I am suggesting a list of chat commands that can be used when pressing a key, once the key is pressed, the chat command will be visible in the chat section in the battle, and will be heard too:

F1 - Would display the list of commands.

F2 - No! || Negative!

F3 - Designating a target.

F4 - Yes! || Affirmative || Will comply || Wilco! || Roger that || Roger

F5 - Requesting support! || I need help || Help me! || I am pinned down!

F6 - Get back! || Retreat! || Regroup! || Fall back!

F7 - Good luck everyone! || May god be with us

F8 - Well done! || Nice move! || Good manoeuver!

F9 - Thank you! || Thanks!

Some of the commands would work differently depending on the object or the player, the person is aiming to with his tank turret, here are the cases that should be considered.

  • When aiming to an ally and pressing the F2, F4 or F9 the player's name will be highlited in the chat when the command appears in the chat section, something like ' PLAYER1: Negative ---> PLAYER2 '
  • When aiming at an ally and presing the F3 key, the command will act as: "All units protect that target / Attention everyone! provide cover for that target! " and the player will be highlighted in the chat using the same logic i mentioned in the first case. But when aiming at an enemy the command will act as following: " All units, concentrate fire on the target! / Attention everyone! reporting the position of a strategic target! ".
  • When aiming to the blue base and pressing F3 the command will act as following: "All units protect out base! / Attention everyone! the base is in danger!" and when aiming to the red base the command will act like: "All units attack the enemy base! / Everyone! attack the enemy base!"
  • When aiming at nothing or at an enemy and pressing F5 the command will act normally, but when you're aiming at an ally the command will act like: "Teammate i need support! " with the same logic used in the first example (the ""PLAYER1: Negative ---> PLAYER2"" logic). Same thing with the F6 & F8.

So now when using the commands you'll actually hear them, means that the voice aspect will be present, this will help players from different communities to communicate in battle and coordinate efforts, for example when i press F9 and i got an EN client, i'll hear "Thank you" (in english) same thing for players with the same client as mine, players in the battle with me but with a RU client will hear "Spacibo" (Thank you in russian language), players with Turkish client will hear "Teşekkürler" (Thanks in turkish language) and so on, and this will be applied on all the commands.

And in order to avoid abusing this feature, the voice chat commands can be used once every 5 seconds, and it can be toggled on or off in the settings menu!

That is all. Feedbacks & Suggestions are welcome, talk below and let me know what you think.

Link to the topic in the forum: https://en.forum.tankix.com/forums/topic/6257-tanki-x-user-experience-improvement-a-part-of-the-solution-to-make-the-game-more-enjoyable/


My feedback on this:

  • I am ok with F keys if they display the list (which F1 does). I still want to be able to select them with the mouse if I wish to. 
  • Pressing F2 - F9 without pressing F1 should also work as a quick command
  • Would be cool to have different voices which we can select from (like in War Thunder)