Game error detected [25/08/2018]

O.S.A.N 9 months ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 8 months ago 5

After the battle ended i got the battle result screen like this and then it went on with the "An unexpected error occured" screen.

i feel like i am supposed to add something else to the post but i am not sure what is it, i'll leave it up to the mods to specify :)

Be advised that this happened directly after the client update.

It has been resolve, twice!
It seems it trying to resurface again.
Did it happen only once or a couple of times?

It only happened once, be advised that before this crash occur, the client was acting in a strange way, i was experiencing fps drops during that battle before this happened.

The game client received a small update a few moments ago, and i got the same bug again! 

Oh no, not again.


Oh boy, okay I'll forward it.