Game is not working on Mac

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My Mac OS X client has an unexpected error after the release of the rarity update today. 



Good News
Tanki X is back on Mac OS.

Fire At Will!

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They released an update but the client crashes before completing update...

New update today - It works for me! Thank you!

It keeps crashing for me...


at least the buttons have text in them now - not that pressing Restart actually works.


Me too on Mac :(


Really is it to much to expect for some one to test on Mac OS X before releasing these updates . Last time was for a week in which I lost 6 days of premium play, this is getting to be total BS. PlZ  test on PC and on Mac as well is not a unreasonable request DEVs


OMG not again......so annoying.

Can you all developers test it through before deploy please? 

Have all OS ready on separate computers, right next to it. Run the game and test it on each OS for a couple of mins. Then deploy. 

Could you guys do that?


I have lost premium and and free missions as well due these re-occuring issues. It has been broken for nearly 24hours, i have no idea how I did in season 8. Also, the TO Friends event should have been held POST MMs updates and balancing, not prior. Now thousands of tankers gave TX a chance and think it is POOP, and won't come back!

I know what you're thinking, but Trust me, no one cares...

I once wasn't able to play for over four weeks... I missed two events... ( May Special)

I lost premium and tons of skins.


Why did you merge this?!

You tell us to start new threads!

Is this a Rarity issue?

I had the rarity issue and it was fixed.

This is a SIMILAR problem due to the end of season update for the league points changes.

Do you want me to start another thread with a more precise description - or will you chop the head off that too and bundle it with LAST WEEKS PROBLEM?!


Still not working on Mac. Please resolve ASAP

well - it just did another update this morning - from what I can see the Windows client is still having problems.

The Mac client sucked down some new things but eventually coughed and stopped.

Will this mean they won't fix the Mac exception errors until they've got the latest basic update reasonably stable  and bug free?

I don't know - but I wish someone could put some estimates out so I can stop having to check if they've done their jobs properly yet.

any news would be appreciated.


Our programmers say that the Mac version works now.

Call it a hunch - did they test it before they told you it was fixed?

I'm not joking

have they tested it? because two people on here say no already.


Just tried, still not working!!!

Just tried again - still not working.

It doesn't even get to the login screen anymore.

It's actually MORE broken.

on the bright side - the report | restart | quit buttons all have text in the buttons.


Please pass this onto the bosses of Tanki X.

1. Please DO NOT release any updates with out testing first!

2. Have a test server and rollback capabilities when your "updates" cause problems

3. This issue is happening too frequently when you update the client, so maybe stop updating for our sake!

4. We are VERY frustrated, for not being able to play, this happening too often, losing premium account days etc - there should be compensation!


So I just did a new client install.

It started up - did the big logo screen and then the normal downloading/updating screen with the counter top right - it downloaded a 68MB update and then crashed to the Report | Restart | Quit page.

would you like me to start a new thread? actually I will anyway - 

you can merge it all you like afterwards.


This issue has wrongly been marked as fixed. 

Are there any specific steps we need to take to get it working?


This issue will not get fixed until next week.  They do not work on weekends and as far as I can tell they only work part-time on tankiX.  Judging by the continual failings of updates, there is not a lot of quality control or testing beforehand, so this will keep happening until management see this as a serious issue.  Sad for us users


Shame, only played for a few days before this happened, but a much more enjoyable game than tanki online, love it!

Hope they can resolve the update issues as users should not be left without an option to rollback.

It's getting funny, *Issue fixed*, next player writes another comment...

Issue fixed again, next problem appears...

Problem fixed, no wait, It was just a daydream.


over zealous moderator merging separate (consecutive and similar) bugs - but it boils down to rolling out an update that has only been tested on a windows client.

and so when asked - IS the rarity bug fixed? - the developers say yes

it's true - they did fix the rarity problem with the mac client - BUT !! - the very next week the season end and league updates are rolled out without testing them on the mac client.

cue over zealous moderator who thinks that this is the same 'support ticket' - and hits merge.

It's a new occurrence of the same old problem 

so I opened a new thread for the mac client needing a fix


can we change the name from "rarity update error" to something else more appropriate, like:

1, "frequent update error", or

2. "oops, forgot to test Mac client before updating error", or

3. "Russian roulette error (sometimes our updates work, sometimes they don't)" 

Hope that brings a smile to everyones face, in anotherwise frustrating month of updates for Mac users.  

Maybe you have another suggestion for name change of this bug, love to hear it!


Wrong side of the bed bug.

Everything's fine when you go to bed but the very next day it 'might' make you very unhappy.

I know EXACTLY what you mean XD

I once played TX after an update and a few hours later, TX was dead...

I wasn't able to play for over 4 weeks... And I still have NO idea, why.

Under review

Oh boy, this is frustrating, I can imagine.
I am already doing what I can. Let's just hope the problem(s) will be taken care of soon.

me it started four/five days ago and i dont know what to do

Things are updating... downloading 218MB


downloading 551MB...


Issue has been resolved once again with Goldbox update.

No, it hasn't. :\ Still crashing.

I have it running right now - seems fine - except for the really poor matchmaking.


It's happening again. Update downloaded this morning. I made a new thread - but feel free to merge it and pretend everything is perfectly normal.

Thanks for your collective wisdom and game development expertise - what would we do without it?


yeah here we go over and over...and how long it will take now till Mac users could play again?

it's updating again... fingers crossed.

Fixed. (It even restarted itself without hanging) (or did I imaging that part?)


Again.. why cant this be fixed permanently? This is really annoying.. an update happened right now, and the app is crashing with the same error as above. 


Here we go again another update ,and the Mac osx version is crashing .One month of play and back to crashes and this is a new issue as of 6/10/18 in case some one trys to merge with old error reports.


Im having it again after yesterdays update for increased battle streaks. Come on man.


Broke again!

[insert profanity and expletives here]



I'm not sure if this will help right now, but just for future reference for ANYONE in case this is "fixed" - when logging in make sure to NOT remember your username and password, otherwise, it WILL crash.

You might think this is a lie, but I've been testing this for over 2 months, and if you click "remember me" then the client COMPLETELY glitches out and doesn't let you get in until the next update.

RN the client's buggy again, but in the future make sure to NOT click "Remember me".

Sure, it takes a bit longer to get in, but you actually DO get in if you do what I say.


First, who releases a build on a friday? and second, this should have been caught in a basic sanity check. Dont know their base for Mac, but this is a P0 blocker, and they just sit on it.


Fixed for the time being, and yes, @theankinator47 is right, I never remember me, (also i run 2 accounts) and that keeps the crashed to a minimum

Devs, stop releasing updates on thursday and friday before bailing for the weekend.


What a great idea "STOP RELEASING UPDATES AT END OF WEEK" (that means do it Monday or Tuesday only)

# 2 idea - TEST, TEST, TEST (on a Mac machine!!!) BEFORE RELEASING!!!

# 3 idea - BACKUP AND ROLL-BACK (when you hear your update crashes (which we know it will), how about you rollback that update (so Mac Users can continue to play) and you fix the issue (this will stop us waiting for days until you come back to work and get around to fixing the bug)!

Thank you!!


The error is back. Come on now, really? 


This very common and annoying issue is happening again (last time was last friday)

Will it be that the developers do not want mac players anymore?

 As @OzCo says you should change the name of this from 'unexpected' error to 'highly expected' error

Please, fix this and chek the updates actually works before releasing.


Game is ded again. Same old unexpected error.



yes, they do it again!

it's just frustrating...

@JAND_ToD it is very frustrating.  Do we know if they have seen our bug report and are working on it?  Would be nice for them to acknowledge that.  The fact this has to always be filed under and "already fixed issue" and not hear from them is equally as frustrating and inconsiderate of players concerns.


What would Tanki X be, without Bugs :D

Btw. I love it that I'm missing like every second event...
Halloween, Winter 2017, (Idk the name) I think it was in May or March... I didn't get a single skin.

I'm starting to think about damage compensation!

Like 5 containers for/of each event that I miss!!

Unbelievable.. 4 days, yet no fix for this.

Usually, this kind of issue is a P0 blocker, where devs work overtime to resolve. and its been 4 days.. what a joke

@akinam I feel your pain.  All they need to do is not update at end of week and instead of a 4-5 day wait, it would be a 1-2 day wait.  

and yet they send me emails asking why I'm not playing - bribing me with gold boxes and hacker blueprints.


You lucky  footie!  I haven't played for months and I don't get any emails or incentives to play :( 

I got tired of them ignored suggestions with game not working, like test the update on a Mac first, don't update at end of week (do updates on Monday & Tuesdays only), allow roll-back when issue is detected etc.

Getting the error again 'An unexpected error has occurred" on Mac OSX.  Can you please do a roll back and install back up copy!  Thanks

Still not working, end of season 10 :(
The seasons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 I managed to place myself in the Masters league (don't play in the first 3).

with changes in the pairing of players that make it impossible to advance. besides a game that is offline 4 days yes and two no, this time I got stuck in the silver league.

I hope that the developers think of a compensation to all mac players and that they correct this problem, many players will think about abandoning the game, I believe.

a very sad situation.


Mac issue is fixed, again.


And, it's back again as usual. Come on, seriously? Before Christmas?


Good News
Tanki X is back on Mac OS.

Fire At Will!