the game ends itself without any notification

alanjohn3232 12 months ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 9 months ago 4

it happened many tyms when i m done in a battle and d game shuts itself without any notification dat it has crashed or something else. All my hardwork goes to waste nd i am branded deserter. is it a bug or only i m facing dis??

I have been trying to tell their stupid support team the same thing since a almost 2 weeks and nota single one of them even cares about anything. Literally the worst support team a game can possibly have.  My game crashes every single day. in every darn match. 3 or more times. I dont even care anymore , i just try to make back in 2 minutes which i rarely do and happily lose 80 reputation which is not at all easy to earn. Like what the hell, how long is it gonna take to fix one stupid bug????? First they dont even bother to look at my report then they label it as started, years later its under review??????? At tanki online had a support team cause this useless game cant afford to hire a support team. 

Heres a link to my post, i know they wont do anything but ive been taught to wait. :))

My Bug report

Under review

Please provide the game logs

I don't experience this myself, so it could just be on your end.