Game crash detected [09/07/2018]

O.S.A.N 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

While i was in the middle of the battle i experienced two consecutive crashes the first one happened while i was in the middle of the battle in Rio, i restarted the client, managed to get back to the battle, but my personal score was lost, it was set back to 0, while i was playing at that moment, a second crash occured, this time a viewed the "unexpected error occured" in the game client without having the client close unlike the first time crash where it closed totally and a separate window appeared stating the crash message.

1st note, after the second crash i managed to get back to the battle once again but this happened:

I couldn't get spawn, It was as if i am in the spec mode but wasn't able to move the camera around, while i was able to see players moving around. (the players name were in green like in DM mode) and i whenever i press TAB i can't view the list of players and the battle log doesn't appear.

2nd note, few updates ago my computer started overheating when i am playing tanki X, note that never happens even when i am playing other games with higher system requirements than this such as world of warplanes, i can only play one match maximum before my PC overheats and shuts off immediatly this is causing me to lose rep points and therefore going from being in the master league to gold league and having the deserter status. :(

Please optimize the game client so it can use the minimum resources possible.

Outpot log: https://pastebin.com/25Xvc9AH
Error log: https://pastebin.com/ryvLKehs
Under review

Does this error still happen?

The game is resource hungry, even more than other high end games such as world of tanks, my PC still overheats when i lunch TX, is still not completely solved, i experience some occasional crashes from the client too.