Game crashing....

Xkillerxx 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 11

The game has been crashing only during battles randomly. I continue to hear the sound for a while though. here are my last three crash logs.




hope it gets fixed soon, its very annoying.



Did you set your graphics to minimum? The crashes seem to be happening to due very less VRAM.

The problem as everyone can expect, still persists. :))

Numerous more crashes just when your about to deliver the flag. Sounds fun doesn't it? Its not!!

All ive been doing is losing reputation after reputation and have no count of how many apolagies ive had to make to all my friends. Yet no body from the support team seems to care      :)))))) 

Under review

Played the game after a week today, surprisingly in my first match of silence tdm, the game happened to crash just 5 times lmao

Tanki players to the support team;

Hello Anybody there?

Tanki Support Team : Sorry we dont exist yet, try back in a couple of years,

But i Have a Bug

Tanki Support Team : Just upload the logs to a thread and well fix it,

Ok done what next?

Tanki Support Team : ZZzzzzzz

(1 Week Later)

Tanki Support Team : "Bug Started"

(3 Weeks Later)

Tanki Support Team : "Bug Under Review"

(a  Month Later)

Tanki Support Team : "Bugs still under Review!!!!, here why dont you buy some premium paints instead"

Im finally getting used to this now :))))

"It would be great if you send these crash logs to the developer"

Yeah it would if they planned to fix these bugs :/


Did you set your graphics to minimum? The crashes seem to be happening to due very less VRAM.

Well not minimum, but I usually play at low quality. I will try it with minimum though. 

Another thing I would like to mention is that the game crashed way more in kungur than in any other map, furthermore 90% of the time it crashes is when I am turning my turret. 


Kungur is one of the bigger maps with a lot of grass which causes issues for some players. You should definitely try playing on minimum settings to see if it helps the issue.

Well i tried the game on minimum, surprisingly no crashes this time. I always monitor resources with gpuz while gaming and my observations are that the gpu load is at 100% in the battle lobby and garage and chat. The moment you enter a battle the load decreases a bit to 90% or some. The question is that even with a hogher load in the lobby the game doesnt crash but in a battle it does?  Also when im benchmarking on ultra quality with unigen heaven it brings my gpu to its knees but no crash whatsoever..... HMMM, what do you think :)

oh And lots of thanks too


As I mentioned earlier, the VRAM was so limited that it caused the game to crash when it demanded more.

Glad I could help :)

Haha, I am very sorry about all those angry messages you can find lying around xdd, I swear those were rage driven and not what I actually meant. You all know how one feels when you so badly wanna play a game and you can't because you know that you'll make things worse because of an issue that no one's helping you with. I think the support team needs to pick up a few speed boost boxes xd otherwise theyr great. 

Love this game, always have <3

Btw always here to help you guys too if needed......