Remove the pay-to-win aspect from the game and balance up some of the modules for tanks.

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So i will be discussing 2 issues here : 1. Pay-To-Win (P2W) 2. matchmaking. 3.Team chat

So let's start with  : Issue Number one. The pay to win problem You can use real money to buy X-Crystals, with X-Crystals you can buy crates with modules and if not with x-crystals then with normal crystals and if you don't have enough you can simply exchange them! This is so stupid! There's not even a rank or lvl cap for the modules before you can upgrade them! When i just started to swtich from TankiOnline To Tanki X like 5 rounds after there was a guy just going around killing everyone beacuse he had his every damn purple module and he was only like... IDK rank 5? maybe 10? he was in bronze leauge too.  Seriously i was having great hopes for this game but the p2w aspect just kinda broke it and made it hard for me to enjoy it. either try to balance it out or remove the ability to buy blueprint crates and make it so you can only get them from leagues and ranked. Beacuse as i said how much fun would it be if you only just started playing and then there's someone just one shotting everyone with his fancy purple max lvl modules ay? This is just ONE of the serious issues with the game currently, and it needs to be fixed quickly. Im going to move on to the next topic now.

Issue number 2 : matchmaking. Yeah that. Im going to start with matchmaking. So first of all the matchmaking process is kind of broken, whenever i play im put into a match with people that have a rank way higher than mine. i know ranked is always still kinda in beta or alpha or whatever and i also know the game is also in beta. but this is a problem once i've been playing a TDM match where i lost 14 to 57 or something like that. i can't really recall the exact end of the match but that's not only one time that happend i can still fight the enemy if my team is doing something but sometimes as in the issue mensioned before some people are just WAY Overpowered and are there just wreckin' everyone in my opinion the matchmaking should somehow work on the current setups of a player, their rank, and their KDR not their league points (I mean it does make sense to match up people with similar league points but on their way to get higher up there they are going to be fighting lower rank players first which sets new players and lower rank players at a disadvantage) So i think this is enough i need to talk about this issue here. Let's move on

Issue number 3: Team chat (and chat in general). I know this isn't a 'bug' in the game this is just an issue that i find in EVERY SINGLE MATCH. The problem is : It's dead. The chat is always dead. i rarely ever see anyone typing anything in there my team is silent too, no one replies to anything i type. so far i have met only 2 people that were actually using it. This is a problem too beacuse you can't really communicate with your team, on Tanki Online  i have ALWAYS seen people use the chat actively! But here?.. no. It's just dead. Dead as a chicken with a knife in it's head. sure it might live for a while but then it's gone. Gone for the rest of the round. I don't really have any ideas on how to fix this problem. But maybe encourage people on using the chat somehow? I don't know give them a communicate once when they log in. like.. : ''Don't forget to use the chat to communicate with your team mates! Team Work Is Always an advantage.'' Or something like that. Moving on..

Issue number 4: Overpowered weapons/hulls this one you need to check for yourself i don't want to give any examples as i didn't test it all myself i only know that the dictator has a bollocks amount of hp . 5 thunder shots are not enough to kill it. (to the back)

there are even more issues to discuss here but im tired of typing all these issues for now. Im going to post more if i find any more unbalances/bugs and stuff.

Here's some tips:

Issue 1: Remove the ability to buy blueprint containers

issue 2:try to assing the matchmaking system to the stats, current rank, modules, lvls of the hulls. you can link that to the league points if you can to balance it as much as you can.

issue 3:Make a message that reminds the people of the Chat and how to enable it during a battle.

issue 4: balance up the stats. (somehow)

These are just my ideas on how to fix these. Im not a developer of any game myself so if you think any of my advice/issues are stupid, message me about it and i will know of it in the future. I hope i helped make Tanki X  a better place.

(Here's some ideas for the game that i have i know ideas are to be made under the 'ideas' section but i wanted to keep it all together.

Add Striker to the game

Add Magnum to the game

add emotes to the game

and a little bit more sprays


Forgot to mention: Fix the railgun hitboxes it hits me while my tank is 2 meters away (i also meant  4 issues and the unbalance but i was editing the post afterwards and i forgot to change some numbers [sorry for bad english if you don't understand what im saying])