You should change the paint of ´´The gold box will be dropped soon´´ to orange :)

Devilmode_ON 3 years ago • updated by shashank2102x 3 years ago 3

it will be better

Also, on the several Golds I have seen, I did not notice a drop zone. Has one been created yet?, Also, the words "A gold box will be dropped soon" should appear in the middle of the screen, along with other announcements, because when they are on teh side they disappear too quickly, and are easy to miss.

Clearly LegendaryPotato never played in 2014. Gold boxes didn't have a drop zone then, they dropped wherever crystals could be dropped (when that happened). Announcements on the side are fine so long as sounds are associated with them, hence the white GB warning.

There is a gold box sign with a crystal spinning above the drop zone...