Client crashes

OzCo 1 year ago • updated by Artcore 1 year ago 5

I am using Mac OSX and have the latest tanki X client installed.  From time to time it crashes

There are 3 options (the first two do not work)

Report - takes you to a page to another page, and blah blah, blah no way to report.  Why not link it straight here? or to an actual report page or remove it all together if it does not work

Restart - never works, it will restart and come up with the same crash screen

Quit - only thing that works, which is stupid, restart should work and so should report.

Hope you can fix it 


Please post your Game Logs.


please post your instructions for locating tankix game logs on OS X - thank you for your kind wisdom and shared experience - in advance (obviously).


The game logs instructions do not help locate log file for mac users (it must just be for windows users).  Can you provide instructions for Mac Users to find log files?

doing it again today 20-07-2018


The Mac OS client of the game is currently not working for about 2 days. 

Our development team is working on fixing it. 

Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.