Tanki X App

Geisterfahrer 1 year ago • updated by StealthMasterX 12 months ago 3

I thought it would be nice if you could create a easy and simple app, where you can log into your account, claim your daily reward and maybe write in the global chat. So you don't fall back when you can't play at the moment.

That's it.

Good idea, in my opinion.

I am really disappointed, because I think this Idea isn't really taken seriously...
I think this is a really good idea, because many players have problems with their Programs.

So they can't play. But when they can't play, they fall back.

So it would be nice if you could open this app: Log In, claim your daily reward, check out new posts in the Forum and on the echo.tankix.com website or read the newspaper.....

i like it maybe also to claim promo codes and set the garage presets and open containers