sometimes when you respawn in the middle of the battle you self destruct randomly

StealthMasterX 1 year ago • updated by Black_Wolf_and_Jenna 10 months ago 6

out of random when you respawn in battle you self destruct it happens rarely but it get annoying

I have noticed that it is most common for me when I am experiencing lag, but that may just be coincidence.

Yes, sometimes it happen to me too without have lag also it happen when I jump and shot but not always happen  .

Still happens occasionally 

Maybe it's lag or whenever there is a a spike of your ping, while playing of course.

It happens to me a lot, specially when I use Freeze and turn 360 degree around enemy, or using rail when jumping from an edge.... in a match I self destruct like 11 times... and lost my all points and while I end up last and loose 60+ rep point.

it happens mostly when something is on your respawn point, like a wreck or even a player. Must be fixed