Self-destruct bug

Musketeer3 1 year ago • updated by Donald 1 year ago 6

Random self-destructs sometimes when "Emergency Protection" is activated. It's really annoying cuz score and kill loss can sometimes cost me the game/ 1st place status


Are you sure it wasn't due to lag?

Pretty sure it's not lag, I never have lag spikes and it seems to happen randomly.

I know that you self-destruct when your internet connection is really sick... I once had 40 Deaths :D


I have also experienced this bug. A lot. I've found out that it occurs usually when the tank is moving while being in the immobility state. Eg falling off a building, being pushed, or sometimes even having just made a shot before immobilizing.

Please fix ASAP.

Also, there are more bugs regarding the emergency protection module, but they belong to another topic.


Fix is planned!