Container Bug Issue!!!

B0SS_13 1 year ago • updated by Artcore 1 year ago 1

My brother, Ninja-Boss; is experiencing a problem with all of his containers. He has opened about five May 1st containers and a number of blueprint containers, including smugglers blueprints and none of them have worked. He'll open them and nothing will come out...the game also freezes and he can't do anything. And I know its not a computer software issue because I have an account too, B0SS_13; and my containers work. Please fix this soon before the May event runs out!


I have a video of it too. Watch it til the end (but it won't load).

So here's a picture of one of his May 1st containers before her opened it. the picture is from the screen recording that won't load. You can see all the settings and options are also there. You can also see the video file name which proves that all these pictures are from the same video. 

This is what happens what happens when he opens the container...nothing.

And finally this is what happens after that...all the settings disappear and you can do anything. I don't even know how we got it to look back at his tank, but we did. The game basically freezes but the background is still loading. Please fix this!!! 



The bug was successfully reported and a task was created. Waiting for a fix. 

Thank you.