Game Crashes Unexpectedly While Loading/Beginning Matches [05 / 01-03 / 18]

Th3Eye 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 2

This is an bug that has been bothering me a while for the past few days.

While "Initializing" a match, or the beginning of a match if it manages to start, the game will do one of two things:

    A) The match continues to "Initialize" indefinitely. Like, half an hour long. The only way to quit/exit the game is to enter Task Manager and kill it.

    B) The game will crash. That's it. No "Would you like to report?", no nothing. The game kills itself.

Game Specs:

 - I am running on lowest graphics settings, lowest textures, lowest everything.

 - I use Windows 10 on a laptop.

 - Nothing processor intensive is running in the background or alongside Tanki X.


Game Log: https://pastebin.com/3VuU1yva

Speedtest Result:


Hi there, 

We're currently looking into it. Will come back later with a reply. 

Cheers and thank you for reporting this issue.

I just realized, I forgot to mention that the gamelog is from when a match began and the game crashed during play.