Tanki X not working on Steam

Geisterfahrer 1 year ago updated by SHOAIB 1 year ago 8

I can't open Tanki X on Steam anymore. I know that this happens like every third new update... 

And that's really annoying. I can't download Tanki X from the internet, so I have to use Steam.

I am really pi**** off, because I haven't played since a week now, so I miss events, specials, paints, rewards... and the problem still remains not fixed. 

I'd be really happy, when you could help me out.



Can you please add your nickname, game log, and a screenshot of what is happening when you're trying to launch the game, to the description of your issue?


Nick: kruppajunior

Screen: (that's all I see)

I am not sure how to share the Game Log.

I hope you can see this


All I can say: I start the game, then it zooms in ( as you can see in the picture ) and then it tries to open a new tankix Program (like it tries to restart with a new Window/ Program)

But then everything crashes and that's it.

Why can't you download the Tanki X client from the main site?

I can't run an .exe Program on a Mac

Yes, but when you download it, it's name is: tankix.exe
But you can't run .exe files on a Mac.

.exe is only for PC's with  Windows or Linux...

You could follow the steps provided on this website and try to play TankiX on your Mac.

Has the issue resolved?