My Bugs and Issues

Geisterfahrer 1 year ago • updated 8 months ago 4


in this topic I am going to write down every single Bug and Issue that I know.

First of all I want to say, that I run my game via Steam...

1. The game often crashes when I played a game but I want to change my modules.

After I click on that Module a few seconds later my game crashes.

Even when I log in again, the game still crashes when I try to change a module.

The exact same thing happened to me yesterday, when I tried to change the ammunition. 

2. When I use the spectator mode, to watch one of my friends playing a game and the match ends. The graphics go crazy. I can still use those signs, but I can't see them.

3. This Bug only happened a few times: After the current match ends, my mouse disappears and I have to close the window to see it again. 

 4. I don't know if it really is a bug, but I've already seen a few other players that opened topics about the "Isida Bug" where you can't see the current health of other players. It's kinda annoying, that you have to guess how many health your teammate has got, so you don't waste you ammo.

5. Tanki X is not able to start after small updates. I know that this bug seems to be an recurring issue to Steam users.


Under review

It seems like you're having a RAM memory problem (this is where the crashes come from 90% of the time), 

The isida bug is indeed known but it's a weird case. 

i just recieved an e-Mail, i don’t actually understand why, cuz this topic is a „bit“ old.

The customer service is good, the problem is in the Developing...

They only test Tanki X on windows, not on Mac.

i never had any problems to get a quick and fitting answer to my question. So thumbs up.

But i don’t actually want to ask questions... i want to play without problems