Game is Unresponsive on Startup

Gpo2001 1 year ago • updated by kentonkillz 1 year ago 18

As the title says, the game instantly stops responding.

Some others are having this issue as well and may reply soon.


Yep also happens to me just after steam finish updating the game it just doesn't load first a black screen follow by "The application has stop working" message so rip hope gets fix soon :v

Noticed that it seems to be an issue for steam users

A few days ago I began experiencing the same exact thing as SkyShooter1 commented and still can't run the game. Someone PLEASE fix it soon!

Thank you

I experienced something almost entirely identical; I open the Tanki X game, then it almost immediately screen freezes, then crashes within a second. I've not been able to play since Monday afternoon (16/04/2018), so devs please do update us on this via facebook or something! We believe in you!

P.s. I am also on Steam.


Forwarded the issue to our developers.

Can you all attach your game logs?


Game properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game files...

Same, the game starts... Then it says Loading... ; Restarting...; 

And then it shuts down and trys open another TankiX Launcher.

Although the game zoomed in when I started it.. IDK if that's an important fact, it's just something strange that I've noticed...

mine on steam just started normal, and then kill kruppajunior said, it zooms in and does nothing. on an update that I can play on, I might be lucky to play 2-3 days before a new one.

It is being investigated. Please have patience. 

should be fixed now, please check

Agreed. It is fixed via levykins method unless you've downloaded the new patch! Thanks devs!

Thank you I am having fun playin