NEW module: martyrdoom!

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This is a passive module, it can be recharged over 80 seconds, once it's owner is dead, the tank explodes dealing splash damage to all enemies in range, the damage varies from 800-1400, any suggestions are welcome!


This idea is good, but you should show us the effect of tank, when the module is used (to make a picture). Also you should describe in which tier this module's got to be placed etc. I mean, here shoudn't be many numbers, but your idea has to be fully described. 


The explosion will be a in a form of a shockwave that can be even seen even from long range, it's similar to the EMP wave thing, but will look like this:

The module will belong to the tier 3 modules group. :)

One small note, a level 1 martyrdoom should make a 500-1100 damage, with a small blast radius, updates towards higher level will enhance those effects.

Don't like.  With the name and the way it works, it sounds too much like a suicide bomber.  Not good in this day and age.


How can you be a suicide bomber if you can only use it once every 80 seconds !

Unless you know something I don't know, you can only kill yourself once, so every 80 seconds or however long, makes no difference.  I'm talking about the whole concept.

You know tankix isn't real right? It's called escapism .

Humour shining a light on the horror in the world is very healthy - the other road be hyper regulation of freedom and ultimately totalitarianism - 

the suicided tank should play their next 'spawn' with a 'clown car' skin - so everyone knows who the martyr was after they've weed in the pool.

any tank destroyed by the tank should get a glimmering halo over their tank for their next 'spawn'.

Gee, no, I didn't know that Tank X isn't real, but thanks for clearing that up.

I see nothing humorous about what those "people" do to innocent people around the world.  Why should they be glorified in any way, even in a game.

I hope that the developers think that way and don't incorporate it in the game.

Just my opinion.  I suspect there are lots who don't agree with me, yourself included.

Just to reiterate - and 'hopefully' make it clear - the bomber gets a clown outfit - the victim gets the halo.

It's not glorifying it and it's not banning people's freedoms to mock.

Do you understand your own misunderstanding?

It doesn't matter if people do or don't agree with you or I - that's what freedom allows.

I wish you nothing but goodwill despite our obvious miscommunication.

There's nothing to "make clear", there was no "misunderstanding", I don't like the martyr/victim concept, it wreaks of terrorism, in my opinion, mockery or no mockery, . PERIOD, END OF REPORT.

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

See you on the battlefield.  

Oh! I see - you think it's ok to blow someone up with a Tank - well why didn't you just say you were happy to terrorise people if they were driving computer generated polygons.

Wait - isn't that what we started with - a fictional 'power up' module to assist in a graphical representation of legitimised murder?

well done you - with your delusion of superiority.

You won't see me on the battlefield - because you'll be too busy respawning while trying not to terrorise other players ('victims').  - enjoy the rusty spike, sanctimonious muppet! (martyr).

Ok, this is going downhill very fast.  The more you keep going on in here, the more you sound off the wall. 

I made a general statement about not liking the concept, fully aware that this is an open forum and I expected responses, but you have turned it into a battle of words and name calling, (which I don't appreciate, by the way, but that's irrelevant).

So, the bottom line is, I don't have to, nor do I intend to listen to any more of your rambling, babbling name calling.  It's over as far as I'm concerned.

PS: " I wish you nothing but goodwill despite our obvious miscommunication."  Do you see the hypocrisy here?

LOL. This isn't the Stardew Valley forums - had it been - your points may have carried some value.

This thread was someone's suggestion for fantastical violence and your argument was that "in this day and age" it was not good.

My goodwill was offered before you doubled down with sanctimony and subsequently tripled down with a demonstration of condescending arrogance.

Why is terrorising people with tanks OK "in this day and age" - but boobytrapping a tank in order to maim your assailant NOT OK?

I have a feeling you just enjoy rubbishing people who have superior offerings to anything within your own grasp or gift.

What next? would you like all the ammunition replaced with paint ball - any colour we like apart from blood red?

Alright, I guess I left myself open for some more of your inane drivel by adding the last sentence in my last post as a question, and you addressed it with more of your high and mighty attitude, along with a few more of your antagonistic replies.

I had no idea what you were talking about with the Stardew Valley reference until I looked it up.  I don't play those infantile games, but it tells me a lot about why you have such a juvenile, hostile attitude. 

Let's see if we can have a compromise here.  I suppose it could be thought of as a glorified mine, but I still don't like, and never will like the name suggested, and the concept behind getting that title.  (Reference back to "in this day and age" and take some time to think about what I said earlier).

Lets stop all this philosophical bickering and get back to playing the game. 

HA HA HA - You don't play infantile games! No??? - - - - Tankix IS infantile.

Your whole argument for rubbishing a really good module suggestion was built on the mock outrage of violence used as entertainment.

You're just digging your hole a little deeper each time you attempt to save face.

If you're really feeling that suicidal, please do it with honour (apologise to the thread starter) or do it quietly.

And remember - I enjoy juvenile games - I enjoy this sport.

your turn...

Enough of your endless prattle. I have a real life to live, and I've wasted enough of it with this apparently endless back and forth with you.

As they say in American war movies, "Roger, Wilco, Over and Out!!!!!

How does it feel?

ooh look... penalty for desertion.

thanks for the easy win - try not to get blood on your carpet as you limp off to complete your martyrdom training.


Well this was not the kind of comments i was expecting...but still i think this module is what the game needs, a passive agressive module. Let me know with your opinions below, thanks.

I agree

what about a gravity well? like in the Quake III painkeep mod of yesteryear -

It could work like a dead man's switch or a mine.

When it goes off - it would create a huge amount of magnetism that would divert tank and ammunition trajectory.

so snipers shots (and anything else) would curve off corse while it exploded and imploded.

even flags could get sent home.