64 bit version

Wrtlbrmft 1 year ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 1 year ago 4

A 64 bit version of the game would be great.


I am using a 64-bit operating system and the game works fine.
What are you proposing exactly?

The game is a 32 bit application. A 64 bit application shoud run smoother on a 64 bit system.

Yes, i support also the idea of having a 64 bit Tanki X for reasons i'll state below:

As the number of bits increases there are two important benefits that improve computer performance:

  • More bits means that data can be processed in larger chunks, which also means more accurately.
  • More bits means our system can point to or address a larger number of locations in physical memory.

The disadvantage of more bits is that the data and the pointers both use more memory space. But storage is usually relatively cheap so it is much less significant than the improved performance.

Some of you might wonder what's the difference between those two 64 & 32 bits, i'll try to be as brief as possible:

32 bit

Back in 1995, Windows 95 introduced 32-bit support. It was desired because it could address (point to) 4 Gigabytes (GB) of memory. This was a lot back then but now, in 2018, the average new PC has at least 4GB of RAM and it is just not enough for many of us.

64 bit

The 4GB limitation of 32-bit systems is much more limiting today than it was when the first 64-bit Windows was released in 1999. Today, there are many applications that require more than 4 GB of memory to complete their tasks. And many users now have files that are over 4GB in size. Videos and games are the most obvious large files.

As a student of IT, that I already know. But thanks for your input anyway, let's see how many likes will this idea get.